Monday, 7 May 2012


Pumps, wedges .. they are all simply a fetish. Adds glamour and are beautiful. But beauty has a price and we all know that these babies are just difficult to wear if you know what I mean. But well we still love them want them wear them wherever we can cause they add that oomph to that simple rugged jeans or a plain white summer dress. 

A guide to wearing those killer heels :

  • Start small : Never wore heels before? start with a 2 inch heel and make your way to those 5 inch stunners. Going big in the first go is a deadly thought especially if its an event. Your feet will hurt may even lead to an injury. Practice at home and start small.
  • Walk heel to toe : When walking try put your heel first rather than your toe. It is not easy to walk in heels and thus if you don't walk properly your stride may look weird.
  • Take small steps : You cannot walk the way you usually walk in those flats in the heels. So take small steps.
  • Walk as if your walking on a straight line : Models usually have this stride and every one wants it. Its not easy and takes time to perfect, so when you are walking step like you are walking on a straight line and your stride will have the sway you want.
  • Be sure about the heels you are about to buy : While buying heel's wear them and try to push yourself out of them with the help of your toes, if you can rise up like you are trying to reach the sky than they will be comfortable after you wear them off else find another pair.
  • Balance weight : Don't put your whole body weight on your toes, your stride will not look normal. Balance your body weight and practice.
Here are some DIY projects to revamp your heels:

DIY Miu Miu inspired jeweled heels :


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