Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Make your Own gym routine:
I know how difficult it is to find a gym nearby and if you do how difficult it is to follow the whole regime .. But we do want that hot bod and to get something we have to work a sweat.. On one of my online ventures i found this site .. it tells you  an exercise of a part which you choose.. and best of all they could all be done at the comfort of your own home.. CHECK IT OUT :)


Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Revamping your old and boring Hair clips to new and exciting:
Its very simple and adds chicness to simple hairdo's .. follow these simple steps and you'll have lovely accessories.

You'll need: 
1) A clip it could be the one like in the picture or a bobby pic would do too
2) scissors
3) 1st cloth i chose satin in black you could take any cloth in any color .. prints would look lovely too
4) 2nd cloth for tying the bow in between.. i took a chiffon on teal color but again you can choose anything.. be creative.
5) super glue(not pictured here) i used feviquick

So Lets begin:
First take the 1st cloth your going to make your bow with and fold it in a circular fashion as shown.. these will give you puffy bows which are soo much prettier <3 .

Then hold it from between folding the longer side thrice to give the bow effect as shown in the picture..

    Once you have the desired shape sew it.. it doesn't matter what color thread you choose as we are going to cover it but sew it tightly .. 

Next cut a long thin piece of the 2nd cloth.. As you can see it doesn't have to be neat

  Roll it around the middle of the bow where you stitched and stick it using super glue to hide the thread.  Once your done your bow is ready..
All you need to do is stick it on your clip.. Apply the glue on the clip and stick the bow on it and your done..

  Here is how the final product looks like simple chic and elegant..
I hope you liked it 
love Oshin
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Monday, 27 February 2012

Making your own Body Scrub:

Its pretty easy to make your own body scrub which works way better than any other scrub i bought from the market..

Here's how to make it:
You will need

  • Raw brown Sugar
  • 1/2 cup almond oil
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • vanilla essence (or any other )
  • a spoon to stir
  • a plastic jar
Fill the jar with brown sugar..
After that start mixing oil.. it should not get saturated.. if you 
think it is then go ahead put more sugar but the mixture should be of a thick consistency and should look like this

After this put in your vanilla essence and voila! your scrub is ready

After you've washed up in the shower or tub,  right before you step out, stick two fingers in the jar of scrub and rub onto your skin in a circular motion. It sloughs off dead skin cells nicely. Once you've scrubbed all over, rinse off any excess sugar (not the oil) and step out of the shower. Step out of the shower and towel off. Because your pores are open and you’re using penetrating oils, you’re left with soft, smooth, moisturized skin! I never have to use lotion on the days I use my body scrub, even in winter!

Making your own customized laptop sleeve:
Its been quiet a while since i saw this somewhere on the net while surfing and haven't been able to get it out of my head.. its simple.. classic and so chic... the best part is you can make a rendered version of this to fit to your needs.. 

you'll need
1) felt (as per the size of your laptop)
2) faux leather.. you could also use a print of your choice
3) Button..bigger the better
4) Embroidery thread.. 2 or more as per the usage
5) Embroidery needle
6) Adhesive

Lets get started-The tutorial:

1) Cut up the leather a little bigger than your laptop

2) Cut it further on the long side of your laptop leaving around 1 to 1.5 inches.

3) cut out the extra material for the strap

   4) cut a thinner strap of leather to make the hook

5) use adhesive to stick the felt to the leather cut out for the laptop.

6) Blanket stitch the edges ( that is the longer side of the sleeve)


7) Stitch one short side of the sleeve.. stitching it on the wrong side that  is on the outside will work well too

 8) now insert your laptop in the unfinished sleeve to check the size and if bigger cut of the extra part and sew the case make sure that you measure it correctly

 9) Sew the button on

  10) Cut a small triangular piece from extra leather and sew it on the other side of the sleeve opposite to the side with button with the thin string of leather we cut for the loop.. check before sewing it on.. after sewing it cut the extra string hanging out.


I hoped you liked this DIY tutorial and please do leave your suggestions and do tell me if you try it ...
~Love Oshin <3