Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Revamping your old and boring Hair clips to new and exciting:
Its very simple and adds chicness to simple hairdo's .. follow these simple steps and you'll have lovely accessories.

You'll need: 
1) A clip it could be the one like in the picture or a bobby pic would do too
2) scissors
3) 1st cloth i chose satin in black you could take any cloth in any color .. prints would look lovely too
4) 2nd cloth for tying the bow in between.. i took a chiffon on teal color but again you can choose anything.. be creative.
5) super glue(not pictured here) i used feviquick

So Lets begin:
First take the 1st cloth your going to make your bow with and fold it in a circular fashion as shown.. these will give you puffy bows which are soo much prettier <3 .

Then hold it from between folding the longer side thrice to give the bow effect as shown in the picture..

    Once you have the desired shape sew it.. it doesn't matter what color thread you choose as we are going to cover it but sew it tightly .. 

Next cut a long thin piece of the 2nd cloth.. As you can see it doesn't have to be neat

  Roll it around the middle of the bow where you stitched and stick it using super glue to hide the thread.  Once your done your bow is ready..
All you need to do is stick it on your clip.. Apply the glue on the clip and stick the bow on it and your done..

  Here is how the final product looks like simple chic and elegant..
I hope you liked it 
love Oshin
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