Monday, 27 February 2012

Making your own customized laptop sleeve:
Its been quiet a while since i saw this somewhere on the net while surfing and haven't been able to get it out of my head.. its simple.. classic and so chic... the best part is you can make a rendered version of this to fit to your needs.. 

you'll need
1) felt (as per the size of your laptop)
2) faux leather.. you could also use a print of your choice
3) Button..bigger the better
4) Embroidery thread.. 2 or more as per the usage
5) Embroidery needle
6) Adhesive

Lets get started-The tutorial:

1) Cut up the leather a little bigger than your laptop

2) Cut it further on the long side of your laptop leaving around 1 to 1.5 inches.

3) cut out the extra material for the strap

   4) cut a thinner strap of leather to make the hook

5) use adhesive to stick the felt to the leather cut out for the laptop.

6) Blanket stitch the edges ( that is the longer side of the sleeve)


7) Stitch one short side of the sleeve.. stitching it on the wrong side that  is on the outside will work well too

 8) now insert your laptop in the unfinished sleeve to check the size and if bigger cut of the extra part and sew the case make sure that you measure it correctly

 9) Sew the button on

  10) Cut a small triangular piece from extra leather and sew it on the other side of the sleeve opposite to the side with button with the thin string of leather we cut for the loop.. check before sewing it on.. after sewing it cut the extra string hanging out.


I hoped you liked this DIY tutorial and please do leave your suggestions and do tell me if you try it ...
~Love Oshin <3


  1. Very cool and creative ideas! Keep it up...way to go :D

  2. wow...this is so good!!