Wednesday, 7 March 2012

How to dress slimmer:
All women want to create that illusion of having that lean silhouette. Here are some tips to dress slimmer. Remember to be true to your own fashion sense for best results. Accessories, if paired well can add  the wow factor to a simple outfit .

1) Understand your body type:
Knowing what body type you are is very essential to dressing good. Find out what body type you are hour glass, pear, tube or apple figure and look at celebrities with the same body type to get a hint as to what is appropriate for your body type.

2) Don't go too loose:
Everyone knows that clothing that is too tight ain't flattering, same applies to clothing that is way too loose. Loose clothes camouflage your figure altogether and you end up looking like a box, now we wouldn't want that. It is very important for you to buy clothes that fit you well not too tight not too loose.

3) Maintain a waist:
No matter what your body type is, you should always accent your waist. Like go with a chunky belt and flat fronted trousers for that slimming effect. Choose dresses that cinch at your natural waist line for that slimming effect.

4) Wrap & Ruche:
If your uncomfortable about your stomach, you are not alone. Many women are insecure about there abdomen area. Easily camouflage your trouble areas with ruched tops. Wrap tops and dresses can also help accentuating your waist while hiding your stomach.

5) Go straight not skinny:
Yes skinny jeans have been the rage for the past few years. Though they look lovely on a tube body type the barely flatter other body types. Choose straight fit jeans over skinny, that taper to your ankle creating a lovely triangle silhouette without clinging to your tummy and thigh's.

6) Wedge it up :
Creating the illusion of length is the key to appear slimmer. Wedge shoes not only shape your calf but also elongate your legs. Wedges are generally comfortable and available in all styles suitable for all events.

7) Go dark:
One of the perennial fashion tips to dress slimmer is to wear dark clothes. Though the seem delicate and airy, avoid whites ad pastels. Black, navy blue and dark green make excellent choices. These dark colors are great for slimming down. Mix stripes and prints with solids for the best results. You don't have to go dark all over, just the areas you wish to hide.

Dressing up to slim down is simple. Remember that understanding your own body type is the first step in creating a gorgeous, lean silhouette. Embrace your body and true beauty will follow.

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