Sunday, 4 March 2012

Make you're own Kohl :
Back in those day's when there were no fancy cosmetic names this is how my grandma got her kohl! In my venture of going all natural, I just had to try this. I know it's a little difficult but this is way more healthy and also if you are like me this wont itch your eyes. 

You'll need:
1) Cotton
2) 1 nutmeg
3) 2 almond's
4) 1 clove
5) Clarified Butter
6) Brass Plate
7) Muslin

To begin :
1) Put the nutmeg, almonds and clove in the blender with a few drops of water so that it has paste like texture.
2) Take a flat piece of cotton 
3) Put the mixture on the cotton 
4) Roll the cotton in a wick
5) Dip this wick in the clarified butter. It should be drenched completely.
6) Hold it by a tweezer or put it in a steel bowl(small one) and light it up
7) Hold the brass plate above the wick, pretty close and collect the soot.
8) After the whole wick has burnt put a drop of clarified butter on the soot collected, and scrape it out.
9) Make a little ball out of it and tie it in the muslin cloth.
10.) Boil water and put this muslin cloth in it . This will get rid of excessive oil and you'll be left with your natural kohl.

I hope you'll try this out. I am sorry I did not put any pictures but ill soon . Do try it out.

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