Sunday, 29 April 2012


Who doesn't want to be forever young. Sadly time comes out as a winner always.. but that doesn't mean you cant look splendid. Here are a few tips for fighting that age a natural battle.

TAKE PLENTY OF PROTEIN: Collagen is a protein which makes up your skin so any food rich in protein like fish, egg, chicken, pulses etc will help tighten your skin free of wrinkles.

DON'T MESS YOUR DIET UP: When you starve yourself or take food at odd hours or even over eat cause you skipped a meal your body does not produce the collagen you need to have that firm wrinkle free skin so.. do not mess your diet up be regular.

CUT THAT SUGAR: Sugar breaks down healthy tissue and slows down the formation of collagen in the body. So if you are habitual of a large hearty dessert its time to cut back. Also avoid taking products with high fructose corn syrup ( found in soda, many salad dressings and many sweet cereal).

BECOME A VEGGIE FREAK: Studies show that people who take vegetables .. especially green vegetables have lesser wrinkles. So instead of taking that bowl of rice with your chicken add loads of colored veggies.

These are just a few simple things you can do to slow down that whole aging process not only that having a healthy lifestyle. Don't forget exercising is as vital as anything else.


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