Monday, 30 April 2012


Everyone has a pair of these.. they are comfortable and undeniably an essential. They make the perfect beach wear or for a lazy Sunday brunch in short a must have! Nowadays you can find all sorts of flip flops the traditional rubber flip flops in electric colors are amazing and the shiny sparkly ones or the platform wedged kinds to give an extra dose of oomph! And you know what you can add that style to your flips flops with this easy DIY.. 


You'll need:

  • a pair of flip flops ( color of your choice)
  • Matching furry yarn

I have used this plain blue flip flops with matching yarn.
1) Push the yarn with the help of a needle through the buttonhole and secure with superglue.
2) Now we start wrapping the yarn around the strap in loops. Tie a simple knot and keep the knots close to each other to give it that furry look. Keep it tight.
3) When you reach the end make a double knot and push it through the second buttonhole securing it with super glue.

Repeat the same.

Flip flops are just plain adorable and you can pizzazz your flip flops with sequin and glitter and what not.. Its definitely hot and very much in this summer. And most importantly don't forget to put sunscreen on those feet, they need it as much as your face.


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