Sunday, 29 April 2012


Wash your face with lukewarm water first and then with cold water. Lukewarm water opens the pores and hence help wash off the dirt and dust and the cold water helps close them so that no dirt enters again. Do not use soap or face wash to clean the mask, use only water.

  1. APPLE FACIAL MASK: Smash 1/2 apple add 1 tbsp lime juice and 2 tbsp sour cream. Apply to face and let it stay on for 10-15 mins. Wash it off with lukewarm water first and then the col water.
  2. TOMATO FACIAL MASK: Add tomato juice to 1/3 cup flour and mix it well to a consistency of paste. Apple and leave till it dries. Repeat the washing drill like the previous
  3. POTATO FACIAL MASK: Take a tbsp of potato juice and add it to tbsp of fuller's earth ( multani mitti) . Mix it well and apply to face. Let it dry and then wash it off like the previous.
  4. MINT FACIAL MASK : Take a tbsp of mint juice add a teaspoon of honey to it and a teaspoon rose water. Apply to face. Let it dry and then wash it.

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